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XX · 1988.01.15 · Jujuy, Argentina ·


when you are on the bus/train and you go to see what is playing on your ipod

and some lame emo band comes on

and you know the person next to you is looking at your screen

and you just want to turn around and hiss

“don’t judge me!”


안녕 | Pony

안녕, 정말 미안해

(vía fuckyeahkindie)


Edith Piaf - La Vie en Rose

I absolutely love this song.

(vía pruie)


Housse de Racket - Roman (Robotaki Remix)

The latest official remix of mine has just been uploaded to my SoundCloud. It’s of Housse de Racket’s single, “Roman,” which is set to be released Aug. 22nd. I know I haven’t done any bootlegs of K-Pop or anything like that, but I hope you understand I really have to book down and treat every release seriously. This, in conjunction with studying for MCATs and working on originals, has really divided my efforts so I have to prioritize. Enjoy the summery tune!